Cuckmere River, Cuckmere Haven, Sussex – Photo

Looking through my old photos for something to turn into a card for a friend of mine’s birthday I came across some photos of the Cuckmere River near Eastbourne taken way back on the 4th November 2007.

From Wikipedia:-

The River Cuckmere rises near Heathfield in East Sussex, England on the southern slopes of the Weald. The name of the river probably comes from an Old English word meaning fast-flowing, since it descends over 200 ft (100 m) in its initial four miles (6.4 km)

The river has many tributaries at its upper end, the principal one being the River Bull; and its main channel begins at Hellingly.

After crossing the Low Weald area of farmland south, the Cuckmere breaks through the South Downs in its own valley, to reach the English Channel at Cuckmere Haven east of Seaford at the Seven Sisters. The lower part of its course is marked by meandering, which is a well-known feature of the area. The Cuckmere Valley Nature Reserve is located here. The Cuckmere Valley civil parish takes its name from the river.

The course of the river was historically diverted to allow improved irrigation for agriculture in the area. The area is a major tourist attraction, and on the west side of the river, where the A259 crosses the river at Exceat is the popular Golden Galleon Public House.

A collaboration of the National Trust, Natural England, Environment Agency, East Sussex County Council and various other environmental and conservation groups has been set up, and is talking to local residents, businesses and visitors about how to manage the estuary in the future. Presently, a shingle beach and artificial river banks prevent seawater penetrating the uppermost areas of the Cuckmere Valley. However, with sea level rise and increasing costs of protection, together with growing evidence that the area would be more ecologically rich if allowed to return to its natural state, it is planned to stop the repair of this blockade, which will result in the periodic flooding of this highly popular area. It is estimated, however that the benefit in terms of ecological expansion, will in the long term, act to improve tourism.

Cuckmere River, Cuckmere Haven, Sussex, UK

~ Cuckmere River, Cuckmere Haven, Sussex, UK ~

Nikon D40 : 18mm
f/11 : 1/160 sec : ISO 200

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~ by Mike on June 11, 2009.

7 Responses to “Cuckmere River, Cuckmere Haven, Sussex – Photo”

  1. another pretty scene:~).

  2. Awesome. I love the ripples in the water, they really breathe life into the scene.

  3. What a beautiful landscape, Mike!

  4. Totally breath taking! Inspiration! x

  5. This is a beautiful shot. The wonderful, dramatic clouds are complemented really nicely by that patch of blue sky. An excellent reflection too.

  6. This is an incredible image of Cuckmere Haven! I’m currently working on a project to document the changing landscape at Cuckmere Haven – I can only hope to one day get an image as good as this.

  7. Very interesting post, i like the composition and contrast of this beautiful photos!

    Great piece of art! all the images are stunning, impressive work..

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