North Downs Way Walk – Dover to Folkestone – Photos

Sunday 15th March – North Downs Way Walk – Dover to Folkestone – 9 miles.

Acoustic Sound Mirror, Abbot's Cliff, Dover, Kent, UK

~ Acoustic Sound Mirror, Abbot’s Cliff, Dover, Kent, UK ~

Nikon D40 : 18mm
f/11 : 1/80 sec : ISO 200

Leaving the car outside Dover Rail Station I walked over past the Western Heights Fort, looking out over Dover Harbour, past a Templar Church and along the clifftops to Folkestone. At then end of the walk I caught the train back again to Dover.

~ Dover Castle ~

~ Dover Western Harbour from Western Heights gun emplacements ~

~ Dover Eastern Harbour from Western Heights gun emplacements ~

~ Remains of Templar Church ~

The remains of a small early 12th-century church built by the Knights Templar. The order of the Knights Templar was founded in Jerusalem in 1118 to protect pilgrims visiting the Holy Land after the First Crusade. The Order spread rapidly throughout Europe, with its work supported by the many estates donated by wealthy benefactors. In 1128 the order reached England, with this site becoming one of it’s earliest properties.

Templar churches usually have a circular nave, as here, in imitation of the church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. Indications are that this site was abandoned before 1185. The remains were discovered by military engineers fortifying Western Heights in the early 19th-century.

~ Dover Harbour and coastal railway from Shakespeare Cliff ~

~ Folkestone, the A20 and the entrance to Samphire Hoe from Shakespeare Cliff ~

~ Samphire Hoe ~

~ Round Down (National Trust) and railway air shaft from Shakespeare Tunnel ~

~ Samphire Hoe ~

Samphire Hoe is a part of Kent, United Kingdom, consisting of reclaimed land made from 4.9 million cubic metres of chalk marl dug to create the Channel Tunnel deposited on the seaward side of the famous White cliffs of Dover. It is accessible by the public via single track tunnel controlled by traffic lights which crosses over the Kent Coast railway line. Visitor facilities are provided including car-parking, toilets and a cafe.

The ecology of Samphire Hoe is very special and what is now chalk meadow-land is home to a number of nationally rare plant species including the Early Spider Orchid.

~ Samphire Hoe ~

~ Samphire Hoe ~

~ World War II gun emplacement above Samphire Hoe ~

~ Acoustic Sound Mirror on Abbots Cliff ~

A forerunner of radar, acoustic mirrors were built on the south and northeast coasts of England between about 1916 and the 1930s. The ‘listening ears’ were intended to provide early warning of incoming enemy aircraft.

~ The English Channel from The Battle Of Britain Memorial ~

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~ by Mike on May 5, 2009.

4 Responses to “North Downs Way Walk – Dover to Folkestone – Photos”

  1. That first one is awesome.

  2. Wow Mike,
    This is fascinating stuff!
    I really enjoyed reading some history about the places, it brings your photos to life. It’s really incredible how Samphire Hoe just hangs above the sea like that, your photo was taken at the perfect angle. But then all the pictures are perfect.
    I want to go back to Dover now!
    Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Great informations and beautiful photographs Mike! The best!

  4. […] There a few photos taken from St Martin’s Battery on my post North Downs Way Walk – Dover to Folkestone – Photos. […]

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