South Downs Way Walk – Exton to Buriton – Photos

Friday 20th March – South Downs Way Walk – Exton to Buriton – 12 miles.

South Downs Way, Salt Hill, Hampshire, UK

~ Salt Hill ~

Nikon D40 : 18mm
f/11 : 1/100 sec : ISO 200

Leaving the car in Buriton I caught the bus at the Master Robert Inn – Countryliner Bus No 95 – to Petersfield Tescos and then caught another bus – Brijan Tours Bus No 17 – to Exton, River Meon stop.

~ The ascent from the disused railway line in Exton towards Old Winchester Hill ~

~ Fields on view from Old Winchester Hill approach ~

~ Old Winchester Hill ~

On the summit of the hill is an Iron Age hill fort. Within the hill fort can also be found Bronze Age barrows. The barrows date from between 4,500 and 3,500 BC whilst the fort itself is believed to be Celtic in origin. More modern archaeology dates from World War II when the British Army used the hill as a mortar testing range. Some unexploded Ordnance may still remain in ‘fenced-off’ sections of the hill however grazing hill-sheep access all areas so danger to the casual walker is likely to be low.

~ Descending down Whitewool Hangar towards Whitewool Farm. ~

Salt Hill in the middle horizon and Butser Hill far left horizon

~ Two continental jet airliners seemingly having a near miss ~

~ View from foot of Henwood Down towards Salt Hill ~

~ View from Salt Hill towards Butser Hill ~

~ Salt Hill Signpost ~

~ Salt Hill Signpost ~

~ Towards East Meon and Park Hill from Hyden Cross ~

~ Trees on Hyden Hill ~

~ From Hyden Hill looking back to East Meon (right) and Salt Hill (left) ~

~ Field & Trees at the top of Tegdown Hill ~

~ Windmill Hill, middle distance and Chichester Harbour faintly on the horizon ~

View from North Lane near Butser Hill

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~ by Mike on March 26, 2009.

5 Responses to “South Downs Way Walk – Exton to Buriton – Photos”

  1. Very nice smily guy:)…Good info too arent you the well educated dude:> The near miss could of gone to the papers?

  2. As always nice eye, so when do you think you can capture that commision pic ?times a wasting the sunset today was a storker please tell me you got my shot! i need time to find a frame and Mrs P’s birthday is sooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnn help me out. Ps i want it signed and dated because when you fall of a cliff trying to capture that impossible shot,,,,it will be the money shot lol DO IT ……YOU KNOW YOU WANT TOO luv ya robb

  3. Wow, Mike! Another great series of landscapes! This must be a great trip, beautiful work!

  4. Yet more stunning photos.
    I love it when you order the weather like that… when I look at the sky it always looks so merky.
    Great work Mike

  5. I love the ones with the direction sign

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