Poultwood Golf Club Refit – Photos

Friends of mine were involved in the new refit of Poultwood Golf Club near Tonbridge and I was asked to provide some photographs of the golf course from which they would choose some to be displayed on the walls.

I was envisaging a few 15×10 size prints framed and scattered around the bar, but thanks to their creative design skills and a good eye for colours they were thinking along the lines of 1mx1m square photos in a sepia tone to fit in with the warm brown theme of the new bar.

All the usual worries hit you… Will they look OK at that size??? Are they too dark??? How does the printer want the photos sent to him???… But an email last Monday put paid to those worries as my friend said ‘Images worked out just fine. They used the full size file copies you compiled. The printed 1000×1000 sample image looked great.

So, off I went down to the club bar today to meet up with them and see what the new bar looked like and more specifically, what my photos looked like…

See below and click the ‘More’ link to see them all…

Poultwood Golf Club Bar Refit

Poultwood Golf Club Bar Refit

Poultwood Golf Club Bar Refit

Poultwood Golf Club Bar Refit

Poultwood Golf Club Bar Refit

Poultwood Golf Club Bar Refit

Poultwood Golf Club Bar Refit

Poultwood Golf Club Bar Refit

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~ by Mike on January 23, 2009.

14 Responses to “Poultwood Golf Club Refit – Photos”

  1. Your friend was right. They do look good, and they fit the theme perfectly.

  2. Thank you Omar… I was gobsmacked by how they turned out..

  3. They look awesome. You should be very proud of yourself :o)

  4. Great job Mike! I’m sure they were very pleased with your work!

  5. Fantastic stuff Mike. Did you visit the clubhouse before you did your shoot to get a feel for the style? Your pictures compliment the decor brilliantly.

  6. Your photos look fabulous Mike!

  7. Thanks guys… It does feel good to see these photos up there… πŸ™‚

  8. Trevor, I did go to the club house beforehand but the colour scheme wasn’t fixed then so I just spent a few days around the course snapping away anything that looked good. It was their idea to go sepia and I’m pleased that the pictures are complimented…

  9. Hey there smily guy:).
    They are awsome, thanks for share:). Have a great weekend:).x

  10. They would go really well in my lounge too:)

  11. Very Impressive Sir Mike, got the hang of It all It seems, carry on snappin’ mate

  12. Now you have the proof of how talented you are there will be no stopping you!!! I never doubted how clever you are πŸ™‚ I am as proud of you as you should be of yourself…. xxx

  13. Congratulations Mike… that’s perfection!

  14. Hi Mike …you’ve done it again , stunning , what more can I say . A picture captures a certain moment in time and you seem to be in the right place at the right time ……always x

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